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I am part of the pursuit from Type 0 to Type 1.

My name is Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee and I am a 22 year old ambitious futurist and entrepreneur. Since the age of 6 I have wanted to be in space and develop advanced technologies that can give superpowers to humans. These are big dreams with so much hard work. From matrioshka worlds to shapeshifting. 

To prove myself and make sure that my dreams don't remain just dreams I decided to give up everything, drop out of my space engineering university course to join a digital asset funds to work 7 days a week (18 hour days), and dive into Ethereum, crypto, blockchain, NFTs full time! 

I was able to work alongside some of the greatest minds in these industries, cofounding the first crypto tail risk hedge fund— I was guided under a senior top ex-derivates trader, Bruno Iksil, from the JPM CIO office, for setting up variance swap strategies for Bitcoin options.


I was also appointed by the Dubai government to lead the Dubai Foresight Initiative 2020— over the course of 10 months I engaged with over 160 stakeholders (From regulators, local and federal government departments, large private organisations and international startups and scaleups) to develop 20 refined Dubai native use cases across the financial, transportation, trade and logistics, tourism and real estate sectors. Here I drove the high level strategy, technical use case development, foresight framework development and local and international stakeholder engagement.


In September 2020 I took another leap of faith and ventured out on my own to pioneer digital fashion and liberate the fashion and gaming industries. 

I founded DIGITALAX— the first digital fashion NFT protocol and marketplace for gaming and esports. 


DIGITALAX is building native web3 infrastructure for supporting the entire digital only fashion, digi-physical fashion supply chain, incentivised ecosystems for designers, developers, players to earn new livelihoods through casual esports and also developing the first truly interoperable 3D file transfer format using native crypto and NFT incentive models for enabling a flourishing open source developer bazaar— a dynamic cross-platform format for the metaverse. 

See more about what this all means in this video! 

Liberating fashion and gaming and pioneering these industries to bring about true value to millions of people globally is my calling. There is nothing else that drives me more and that makes me want to jump out of bed each morning! 

My life has been an eventful series of different adventures that have led me across many different journeys.... and this is a journey I can't wait to inspire many others to join and pioneer alongside me! 

Also I started writing more on Medium! You can see some more of my thoughts and about me here.

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This website is a crazy compilation of my beliefs, ideas, interests for the future.