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"DeFi is the future of payments, finance and monetary democratisation and access. It represents a dramatic new paradigm in financial technologies. Innovation in finance has so far been linear, DeFi is exponential."

Source: ETHGlobal

Liquidity Mining and Pools

Collateralised Synthetic Obligations

Liquidity Providers

Asset Tokenisation and Securitisation

Digital Currencies 

Yield Farming


Digital Banks


Flash Loans

Atomic Swaps

Source: Cryptodiffer

The New Age of Finance.

DeFi is about providing automated transparent and trustless financial services (Lending, borrowing, trading etc.) without reliance on an intermediary. DEFI IS ON THE BLEEDING EDGE. Programmable money legos that can plug and play to build and define new protocols, products and services. Financial software built on distributed ledge technologies. Users maintain control of their assets through any transactions. 

Allowing for new governance models that are built and run to maximise community involvement, interest, incentives and decentralisation. 

Source: DeFi Pulse
Source: DeFi Prime

The need for an open, transparent, and secure financial system is the key driver behind the decentralized finance vs. traditional finance debate. Decentralized finance stands out as an alternative to traditional finance because it can do away with today’s financial bureaucracy, which is a burden of today’s financial system. 

Source: Stably

Tokenization of pretty much everything from loans to collateral or debt obligations could also become a reality. Democratising access to finance through micropayments, microloans for small businesses, SMEs and communities currently struggling to adopt the traditional financial system.

Source: Stably
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