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The Rise of Smart Machines & Smart Systems through the Machine-2-Machine Economy is a gigantic $250 Trillion dollar untapped economy. This new economy is covering a broader perspective of massive new technological and economical advances. We know very little about machine governance and we are beginning to uncover how little we know. We still don’t have global M2M communication standards, autonomous organisations frameworks, machine data custody and data privacy protocols. 

I know that this may all sound futuristic and sound like moving mountains. But the fact is that the market demand is growing exponentially and the sheer size of the potential isn’t something we should ignore. The need is definitely there. The machine economy is coming on a big scale. 


What is M2M? 

Direct real time communication between machines and network devices in a connected autonomous environment, with little to no human intervention. 


The machines will get smarter, more connected and work independently to contribute to the economy.

5,000 self-driving delivery vehicles approved by U.S. regulators

A tipping point for blockchain & AI

Autonomous machines on the rise

Industrial sharing economy reached $50 trillion

The 6G standard works closely with machines and AI

Real-time data CPL systems come to life


Robotic hands matching human capabilities


Robotic surgeries, 3D bioprinting is a common thing 


First use of M2M technologies in space industry


Nanoscale 3D printing

Driverless cars fully operational globally


Driverless hover-taxis, drone deliveries are operational

Industrial 3D printing in operation on manufacturing and supply chain

Service robots number more than a billion worldwide

Human-like AI is becoming a reality

Source: CommBank

What's included in the M2M Economy:

Source: Visual Capitalist


  • AI, IoT, Blockchain

  • Industrial 3D Printing

  • Industrial Share Economy 

  • Urbanisation, On-demand Service

  • New Generation of Entrepreneurs 

  • Autonomous Machines 

  • Real Time Data and CPL

  • Driverless Cars

  • Remote Surgery

  • Smart Homes

  • Mass-scale Manufacturing


In the M2M economy, new business models like the industrial shared economy, Energy as a Service and Bandwidth as a Service will completely change and disrupt the way we operate.


Advances in IoT and AI are taking us a step closer to establishing a network of autonomous smart machines but even in a world where classical computers succeed beyond all realistic dreams, quantum computers would still stand well beyond them. I believe in a Quantum Machine Economy future that will offer powerful new ways for AI and smart machines to achieve something more.

Quantum Machine Economy (QME)

Distributed Manufacturing

Manufacturers are moving to services models and will be much better aligned with customers needs, service providers can adapt to the changing needs of end users. Restructuring the supply chain, there won't be a need to predict demand or hold large inventory and overheads. Distributed and additive manufacturing allows for virtual warehousing of resources and inventory. 

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