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Advances in nanotechnology are going to completely change the world we know. This is the scale of atoms and molecules, an act of manipulating matter. 

"There's plenty of room at the bottom..." 

Richard Feynman. 

Source: National Cancer Institute
Source: Ray Kurzweil


All-purpose, desktop machines that can reproduce a seemingly infinite variety of items. It is like miniature factories or highly advanced 3D printers where raw materials can be loaded in solid, liquid or powder form. An interior compartment is accessed via a small hatch, where objects are constructed atom-by-atom. The process takes a matter of minutes and the assembled items can be used immediately. 

Source: Feygrahm

2039 Virtual reality nano bots > microscopic machines are self-guided towards the neurons in their brain responsible for visual, auditory and other senses allowing for full virtual reality immersion. 


2040 Breakthroughs in carbon nanotube production will enable the technology for a space elevator is now available.

Source: Space Legal Issues
Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 5.22.19 pm.png

2045 Humans are merging with machines. Nanobots are helping with body health regulation and boosting and healing immune systems.

Source: Future Timeline

Femtotechnology. 10^(-15).

Another step towards macro scale teleportation.

Femtotechnology and femtoengineering looks at a scale of quarks and gluons. It is a million times smaller than the nano scale. With atoms flipping their states in femto seconds, matter can very easily be manipulated and change states. The atoms can act as computers and allow for complete control and manipulation of matter. Advanced AI will help to drive this field from its dominant theoretical state and help to invent new exotic materials.

Source: Science, Technology & the Future
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