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Quantum Technologies.


 Quantum mechanics 

 describes how 

 things in the 

 universe work. 

 Using the universe to 

 solve mathematical 


Source: Rigetti Computing
Source: CNBC

For a quantum computer imagine being trapped in a maze and being able to try all the possible routes at once so it takes a split second to find your way out. A digital computer can only investigate one state at once. Quantum Computing is going to accelerate everything that we know. It is about operation in different paradigms and dimensions, describing the fabric of the cosmos.  


How Quantum Computing Works.

Source: MIT

Quantum Supremacy Explained.

Source: Wired
Source: ExplainingComputers
Source: WhatIf
Source: BigThink
Source: IBM

Topological Quantum Computing

When you run a computer, you need to be able to create and store a piece of information, leave it alone, and then come back later to retrieve it. However, if the system that holds the information changes on its own, it’s useless for computing. Qubits are highly sensitive to the surrounding environment and even the smallest noise, disturbance can cause them to change state and lose the information. 

Topological Quantum Computing is about creating fault tolerant hardware by creating Qubits that can be moved around for computation whilst still maintaining the information within them. Think of it like this; I see this innovation around quantum computing similar to when people were originally trying to look for ways to reduce the mechanical fragility of transistors, and then with the invention of silicon the whole industry was shaken and a lot of previous work (noise cancelling processes) and operation processes became completely unnecessary.

Source: Tanisha Bassan
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