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Future Thinking.

To really understand the future and probable scenarios I believe you need to look at this world, the economy, from a different perspective, like an alien coming from out of space and thinking in different paradigms. This is where the biggest innovations and projects come, developing new heuristics. The market participants for the biggest businesses of the future do not exist today, they are yet to be created. 

One thing that I still struggle to fully grasp about this world is the desire of the human race to live an incredibly comfortable, safe and ultimately 'cushy' life. 

People seem to live only for the weekend and dread the Monday's and Tuesday's that will inevitably come every 5 days. By Sunday evening a certain amount of gloom intoxicates the atmosphere as everyone confronts their reality of facing another working week. Why is everyone so concerned about achieving a 'work-life' balance, getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night, waking up at a reasonable hour and most importantly spending Saturday nights relaxing?

Just thinking about the process of a normal week fills me with an unsettling feeling. Surely other people feel the same. In complete honesty I know for a fact that I will never ever be able to handle the so called '9 to 5'. That just seems way too crazy. 

I would classify myself as a workaholic, but only because I am so extremely passionate about doing great things and building an incredible future - working in a normal company doing normal things won't ever allow for me to achieve these ambitions.

I want to jump out of bed every morning, or instead not want to go to sleep, and be filled with excitement for the adventure of the day. I want to be so invested in the project that I am working on that I forget the time and date and lose track of the rest of the world. This is what it takes to do really great things. You can't expect to change the world and still be up to date on the latest Netflix shows - it doesn't work like that. True hard work takes not only sacrifice but also a certain amount of insanity. Insanity because you have to be so strong in yourself and know your goals and trajectory so clearly that you will not let the words or actions of the world deter you. Instead you will keep pushing forward because you know that what you are doing is good and for better. 

There is the concept of optimum trajectory- likening one's life path to a river and the importance of finding your destiny in life - if you don't you will always be swimming against the current. I am still trying to find my river, but at least I think I have a clear idea of where it is located. That location is somewhere crazy, ambitious, adventurous and undeniably passionate. If my future allows me to become a slightly insane individual then I won't complain - this will be my indicator!

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